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Effortless Teppan Yaki Soba
Teppan Yaki Soba made easy. Feel free to adjust the recipe by adding different ingredients such as a meat substitute or your favourite vegetables.
How To Make Maki and California Sushi Rolls
In this easy recipe, we will teach you how to cook rice in a Rice Cooker and Saucepan, mix sushi rice and roll sushi. This recipe will give you 2 rolls of sushi (200g of uncooked rice).
Chicken katsu two ways
Let's prepare chicken katsu (fried and breaded cutlet) in two different styles: Curry chicken katsu and chicken katsu with Goma Tonkatsu Sauce.
Quick and Easy Okonomiyaki
An easy way to make Okonomiyaki in the fastest way possible. This method is similar to the Osaka Okonomiyaki style but with the bacon mixed into the batter, rather than lined up side by side on top of the Okonomiyaki.

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Eastern Dragon is a New Zealand company that was first established in Auckland in 1992 specialising in importing and distributing Japanese dried goods.

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Itadakimasu! A polite phrase meaning "I receive this food." This expresses thanks to whoever worked to prepare the food in the meal.